What is Aniways

Aniways enables you to maximize revenues and boost users’ experience on your messaging app by easily integrating a powerful SDK that provides a robust contextual engine that analyzes conversations and auto-suggests vivid, highly expressive content in real-time.

How does it work?

Aniways is powered by a proprietary contextual engine that analyzes the conversations in real time, and intelligently suggests & predicts contextually matching content and information.

What are your monetization solutions and how will they not interfere with our users’experience?

Aniways offers several elegant nonintrusive solutions for chat monetization:
Contextual native advertising - nonintrusive, seamless, personalized, and highly targeted content that users not only adore, but also react to and interact with.
Contextual interactive e-commerce solutions - based on conversation topic and location.
Intelligent personalized emoticons and stickers store (Stay tuned as we have a variety of innovative solutions loaded in our chamber and will be release in the near future!)

Can the SDK be customize?

Sure, the SDK is extremely flexible and can be customized and configure to your needs both visually and function wise.

Who is already using this?

Great question! So, In addition to partners like Verizon (the leading U.S telecommunication company) and Nimbuzz (among the top ten largest messaging apps worldwide) we also have a handful of messaging apps in all shapes and sizes that use our SDK.

How much time should it take to integrate the SDK in our app?

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate our SDK. Normally it takes less than an hour, all you need to do is to insert a few lines of code.
Try it out and let us know how fast you managed to do it!

What resources do you offer to help me get started?

We provided detailed documentation, code samples and a dedicated team of superstar developers to assist you through this process.

I need help with the integration, where can I get help?

Glad you asked, just email us at support@aniways.com and we’ll get back to you with answers.

My app is already great. How will it benefit from adding Aniways?

Get a richer more interactive chat experience Aniways provides a refreshing, beautiful and more expressive way to perk up users' chat experience. Add in elegant native monetization channels nonintrusive, seamless, personalized, and highly targeted content that users not only adore, but also react to and interact with. Increase user retention and engagement Aniways will help increase engagement on your app with it’s one of a kind personalized content suggestion engine.

Why wouldn’t I just build something similar myself?

Full solution – from technology to ad networks, optimized and ready for use. Data driven - based on multiple applications, patterns, and locations This is our sole focus – this is what we live for and do it the best Free easy to integrate

I already have emoticons in my app, what value can you give me?

Aniways is not just about expanding your collection of emoticons, it’s about enhancing your user experience with a smart auto-suggestion engine that seamlessly links into a variety of elegant native advertising solutions that add new revenue streams to your business. <br> Furthermore when using Aniways you can still keep your existing emoticons, connect them with our contextual engine and benefit from our constantly growing collection of highly engaging emoticons.

What do you mean by an “interactive chat experience”?

Interactive chat exposes the user to a layer of information that is both relevant to the conversation topic, as well as to the geographic location of the user.

How can I differentiate myself from other apps that use Aniways?

App developers control the mapping between content and phrases. Hence, each app can have its own unique icons and content, as well as its own unique phrases that users can replace the icons with. This, combined with the ability to customize your app's look n' feel and UI, allows you to benefit from our innovative technology while still being unique.

How are the icons actually sent in the messages? Do you increase the bandwidth my app uses or put more strain on my servers?

Our icons are encoded into the text, so the actual pictures are not sent with the message, therefore he bandwidth increase is minimal.

The vocabulary used in my app differs from in other apps. How can I know if the contextual experience will works well for my users?

We provide developers with a management dashboard and real-time analytic tools that monitor all the words and phrases used in our partners’ apps. We then add new content, icons and phrases to our contextual mapping engine, specific to your app’s users. This update is done through our servers and is streamed automatically to your users, without them needing to update the app.

How does someone who does not have Aniways receive such message?

No worries, they will either receive it as a regular emoji, or if not supported the original text typed will be displayed.

Which languages do you currently support?

English, Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, Russian. Nevertheless, other languages will still reap the benefits of using Aniways' vivid content, just without the contextual experience. At Aniways we constantly are working on expanding and supporting more languages.

How does the store work exactly? Do the users buy from Aniways’ store or from ours?

The store is yours. We provide the mechanism and the experience, but you define the prices and get the money. The users unlock icons in the app using credits that they purchase in the store. There are 6 credit packs that you need to define and set a price for in your Google or Apple developer console. When the users buy the credits, the money is transferred directly to your account.

My app already contains a sticker store. Can it be integrated with yours?

Currently, our store is stand-alone and cannot be used to purchase other in-app items. However, we are working on it and hope to become a one-stop-shop for all your icon related needs.

Where does the SDK’s contextual analysis take place?

We perform two analysis processes:
Offline analysis, which is performed on the server side and is used to generate a smart personalized mapping engine file for each user.
Real-time analysis,which happens as the user types and is performed on the client side. In other words, your users enjoy a smart and interactive experience, without any noticeable performance penalty.

Does a developer have any influence on which icons will be displayed?

Yes, using our Dashboard, our partners can choose which collection of icons will be available in their app. (Full management dashboard will be released shortly)

Does Aniways collect personal information on its users?

No, we do not collect any personal information. For further information check out our Privacy policy.

What happens if Aniways servers are unreachable?

All previously synced Aniways icons will be available for usage. New icons will be available when the servers can be reached again.