The right content at the right time, so you make more money

Aniways is powered by a proprietary contextualengine that is optimized to offer the right content at the right time. It analyzes text that users type in real time, and intelligently predicts & suggests contextually matching content and information.

A technology that amplifies engagement! Aniways allows users to instantly add highly expressive, vivid and fun content to their conversations, thereby dramatically increasing the amount of content impressions inside your chat application.

What You Gain by Using Aniways

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Boost your users
chat experience

Aniways analyzes chat text as the user types it, helping him discover and add contextually relevant & engaging content to the conversation.

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The highly targeted content promotes products and rich information in an automated, seamless manner.

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Customizable SDK

Maintain complete control over which features to activate. Promote Aniways content, your own content, or both.

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Integrating our SDK takes less than an hour, maintaining your app's look n’ feel.

Native Monetization

Earn more while improving the chat experience

Monetization, Dashboard & Real-Time Analytics:Aniways Monetization Platform contains all the services your app needs to automate the generation of new revenues right from inside your chat.


Aniways content placement technology automatically increases monetization in the chat application while maintaining your native chat experience. It is uniquely designed for conversion & action. Once Aniways content is tapped, it automatically "converts" to promote the purchaseof virtual goods or to display location-basedcontextual information that enriches the conversation in place.

Dashboard & Real-Time Analytics

Use Aniways command and control Dashboard & Analytics to gain full control over your content "conversion" and monetization:

  • Increase sales of stickers, apps, products and virtual goods
  • Drive traffic to your existing shop or content pages
  • Increase inventory of your highest value goods (i.e. games, premium apps)
  • Promote brand identity (yours or your client's)
  • Promote your emoticons/stickers
  • Enable users to explore & find rich location-aware information (i.e. list of nearby coffee shops, etc.)

& Trendy

We stream content that is trendy directly to you app, so you don't have to!

We continuously stream exciting content via our cloud-based library, doing away with manual updates. Our library keeps growing and follows what's trendy out there. Every time users open your app, they will come across new and jazzy content suggestions.


Different users get different content for the same words in the same conversation – making the conversation come to life.

Our sophisticated data-driven personalization engine "mines" each user's gender, age, mood, location, behavior, etc., and offers the most relevant, personalized content in return. For instance, a husband and wife who are chatting about their next vacation plans may receive two different holiday-related content suggestions, based on their individual preferences, gender, and the like. Ultimately, this saves much time and makes the conversation more lifelike.

Plug, Play & Earn

A technology optimized to enrich users and developers alike


A few lines of code. A whole new chat experience.

Integrating the Aniways SDK with your app takes less than an hour. By simply inserting a few lines of code, your app will retain its original look n' feel while benefiting from all the Aniways advantages.

In-Chat Shopping
& Exploring

Your content or ours, it's integrated into the chat.

Aniways easily integrates with your own app's shopping modules & product catalogue, or you can also use our own content and sticker shop. Either way, your users can instantly purchase stickers, apps, games, real or virtual products, without ever leaving their chat conversation. Aniways comes equipped with its own plug & play billing and virtual currency functionality – making it easy for smaller apps to add a store of lucrative stickers.

Multi Platform

Support for the leading platforms.

We support Android, iOS and the Web platform.