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Monetization that Rocks

Aniways technology introduces a quantum leap in chat monetization – nonintrusive, seamless, personalized, and highly targeted content that users not only adore, but also react to and interact with.

The interactive, auto-suggested content natively blends in with the chat conversation in a manner that users notice, find expressive, and like. Once tapped, the content instantly promotes virtual goods (i.e. stickers, games, music), as well as real products or location-aware insights and information. With Aniways, creating new multiple revenue streams becomes powerfully simple.

A Richer Chat Experience

Aniways offers a refreshing new way to perk up your users' chat experience. As users type, our technology analyzes keywords and phrases, then auto-suggests to replace them with vivid, highly expressive content, in a single click. Forget manual, time-consuming and repetitive selection of emoticons and stickers. With Aniways, your users will spend more time interacting with rich personalized content while better expressing themselves – making the whole chat experience more fun & lifelike.

A More Interactive Chat Experience

Aniways offers a lively collection of interactive content that brings the chat conversation to life, without ever needing to leave the chat space. By tapping our content icon , users are exposed to a layer of information that's both relevant to their conversation topic, as well as their location. For example, when discussing coffee, tapping the relevant coffee icon will reveal nearby cafes, coupons, and other promotional information. Forget switching between your app and the browser in order to find a movie that's currently playing nearby.

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Powerful Insights into which Trends Sell Most

With Aniways big-data Analytics you gain real-time statistical insight into the utilization, effectiveness and trends of your users' conversation and content. The Aniways Dashboard automatically optimizes and recommends the best way to convert your users' chat into actual sales and revenues.

Boost User Retention and Engagement

Aniways content enhancement technology indulges users to spend more time chatting, interacting, and experimenting with rich content and design offerings, as well as exploring rich, location-aware information – without ever leaving the chat.

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Full Developer Control

Developers can use their exiting shopping infrastructure and products, or utilize Aniways' end-to-end automated shopping infrastructure and branded content. By use of the Dashboard, developers can select which content they want to "lock" or promote in order to sell.

The Aniways API supports multi-platform integration. Trendy, real-time topics and content are constantly updated from the cloud. Developers can easily enable the functionality, products and content that they wish to make available.

Incredibly Simple Integration

By inserting only a few lines of code, app developers can integrate our modular SDK in less than an hour while maintaining their app's original look n' feel.